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    Hello my name is Ace :) I am 19 years old as most players know lol. I am Founder aka Owner with Sharp20.

    About Me: I love swimming but haven't swim for long time. But I am also addicted to Minecraft no kidding I literally play it everyday with none stop never got bored of this game I love it much. I specially really enjoy owning QualityLegend with Sharp20. I really love the community. It is like part of my life and that the only server I literally play on. I also love meeting new players on the server. I will be working on the server a lot make sure it becomes successful and also make sure everyone enjoys there fun time on it. Come make yourself at home! Were all like one big family! Well I am hoping to see you guys on server and to those new players reading this I am also really excited to meet you on the server.

    please don't hesitate to contact me or the staff members if you have any questions or need help. I am will be gladly to help you anytime.

    Nice to meet you all and Hoping to see you guys on the server.

    Best Regards,

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