Announcement Officially Now 1.12 & Server Updates

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    Hello everyone. We are officially going to be updating to 1.12? Are you guys excited!?

    Most plugins will be updated along with the server, but a few plugins will be disabled until the plugins themselves update for 1.12.

    We want to inform everyone that we are looking forward to improving the server. We will soon be hosting events every weekend. Be sure to read forums to stay updated!

    World Border will be expanding at same time when we update to 1.12. World Border will be increasing to 10k.

    World Border Expand

    • World: 40k
    • Nether: 25k
    • End: 25k
    Disable Plugins
    • MiniGames
    • HeadHunter
    • MyPet
    • EchoPet
    • Auction House

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