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    1. Be respectful to other players and staff. This includes but not limited to: racism, sexist comments, belittling, bullying or any backtalk.

    2. No spamming chat or using excessive caps. 3 capped words or 15 letters are the maximum that are allowed.

    3. Do NOT build anywhere near another build, unless given consent from the owner of the build. Please keep a 100 block gap between your build and others builds.

    4. If someone asks you to leave their area, do so immediately or you will be forced to leave.

    5. Do NOT ask for ranks or items to be spawned. Ranks are earned by voting, donating and staff ranks are earned. You may NOT apply for staff, please do not ask, it can limit your chances of ever becoming staff. If you would like to become a staff member then you need to be active, mature, 18+, help inform players of rules and server information. Even in doing all of this, it will not guarantee you to become a staff member.

    6. DO NOT GRIEF. This includes: Modifying builds that are not yours, killing animals, killing players outside of pvp area, taking crops of a mass variety without replanting. Trespassing is also not allowed.

    7. DO NOT advertise or send server IP's in global chat or message. This includes: Giving players websites and server names. You will be banned immediately with NO appeal.

    8. Use of x-ray/orefinder mods, fly hacks and any other hack is NOT allowed. Offenders will be permanently banned.

    9. Scamming is NOT allowed. You will be banned.

    10. No large automated redstone builds. Please inculde an on/off switch.

    11. AFK machines are allowed as long as they are not for any gain. Example: AFK fish farms.

    12. No personal chat in global. Use /msg.

    13. No Player machines/traps. This is a bannable offence.

    14. No Innapropiate builds or skins.

    15. Keep swearing to a minimum. Example: Cursing at someone in a harmful manner.

    16. Crate Keys can not be sell to other players. But you can use crate key to trade with the players for other things or give them away for free.

    17. AFK pools are allowed but AFK farming, fishing, or mob farming are not allowed at all.​
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